desirees-halooween-ideasThis is what I’m going to be for Halloween a scarecrow isn’t cute I got the jeans flannel hat leaves makeup no hay, straw yet I don’t think I need the bathroom setting or the towels

This is so cute I wish I had a steady hand to do it but mine would look like this but no straight lines it would be an elephant with zig zag lines


Nightmare before christmas

I love this pic it is so adorable I wish it was real they should really make plush dolls for nightmare before Christmas  Jack Skellington and the wife is so cool I love this pic I want it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad  and the dog I wish it were reeal so I pet it44cbc4aff697bb28e17f73134c58a591

My Sisters Wedding

The Adult in a gray dress and funky hair is my mom the adult in the blue dress is my moms friend and my aunt the teenager in the yellow dress on the end is my sister  the teenager in the blue tie and camo pants is my older brother the kid in the gray dress on the floor is me the girls in the white dresses and blue headbands is my sisters half sisters and the other one in a yellow dress is also my older sisters half sister and the little boy in the black pants and white shirt and a ray tie is my older sisters younger half brother and the girl in the gray dress with regular hair is my older sisters friend10997518_10206230651944072_5338022980469829873_o